Get the most out of your talent with the most widely recognized and respected executive coaching programs in the profession.


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Sherpa Coaching offers programs for executive leaders and teams to refine leadership skills, and provides coaching services through a global network.

Executive Leadership Development

Looking for a coach? Executive coaching for C-suite and for your rising stars. Executive education for leaders, from world-leading coaches and educators.

Popular Programs

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Summit
  • Expert Facilitated Coaching (XFC)

Team Dynamics Revitalization

Revitalize your organization with executive coaching applied to group dynamics. Receive measured progress towards improved team cohesiveness, cooperation and effectiveness.

Popular Programs

  • Team Leader Assimilation (TLA)
  • Communication and Team Effectiveness (CTE)
  • Coaching Skills for High Performance (CSHP)

Coaching Certification

Coaching certification from Sherpa: Study with world-leading educators on a university campus. Earn the most recognized certification for executive coaches.

Popular Program

  • Executive Coach Certification (ECC) Training
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Our Philosophy

Your current strengths have taken you to your current position of leadership. Only by addressing your weaknesses — those obstacles that prevent leaders from getting to the next level of success — will you see continued professional progress.

This philosophy is in stark contrast to people who tell you to emphasize your strengths, and surround yourself with people who cover your weaknesses. It’s fun to talk about what you are already good at, but it doesn’t solve any problems when you have to step up and perform.

Philosophy & Process

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is an effective, high-impact approach to personal and professional development that’s led by a trained coach. It aims to create awareness, generate action, and increase productivity by helping leaders develop and maintain new perspectives, attitudes, skills, and behaviors.


Produce positive changes in business behavior.


Executive coaches are trained facilitators.


Set a schedule and a limited time frame.


Regular ongoing meetings.

Our Clients

Sherpa Coaching has worked with a wide variety of clients and customers, providing executive coaching, university and onsite training, public speaking services, consulting on HR systems design, video and audio training programs, conferences and research.

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