Sherpa Coaching

Getting The Best Out Of Your Talent

At Sherpa Coaching, our goal is to get the most out of your talent. Based on our proven process, Sherpa Coaching provides executive coaching services through a global network of certified coaches and offers workshops and training programs to refine leadership skills.

The Most Widely Recognized And Respected Program

Since the company’s founding in 2004, Sherpa Coaching has trained over 10,000 leaders and certified more than 600 coaches using the most widely recognized and respected program in the profession: ‘The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching.’

Positive, Impactful, And Measurable

Not only do our programs make your management team the best leaders they can be, but we also bring a positive, impactful, and measurable coaching culture to your entire organization.

I have been through many trainings, coaching sessions, and leadership improvement seminars, but the things I have learned…have altered me in a fundamental way. I know more about myself, about the ways I lead, and how to continue growing my skills than I would have thought possible in such a short time.


Boys & Girls Clubs of America

We Believe

  • Leaders must be role models for business behavior.
  • Leaders and teams need to master coaching skills.
  • Coaching requires the power of a proven process.

Our Mission & Vision

  • To enhance the credibility of executive coaching with academically sound content and standards of practice.
  • To be the leading source of research and education in coaching.
  • To provide coaching that consistently delivers excellent results, based on a proven process, tailored to each person we work with.
  • To change business behavior permanently and positively, by providing teams and leaders with powerful coaching skills.
So success in life is individual growth which incites collective growth based on mutual respect, understanding, collective effort and shift of perspective from benefit of I to benefit of us all. image

Why Use The Sherpa Name?

In the Himalayas, the native guides that assist climbers to the top of Everest are called Sherpas. Sherpas have a global reputation because:

  • They predict weather that makes a climb dangerous or impossible.
  • They know the terrain and design routes for the climb.
  • They offer suggestions, ideas and the tools of the trade skills and resources needed for the climb.

Sherpa executive coaches take on the role of the Sherpa climbing guide: enabling, advising and assisting in difficult environments with limited options.

Sherpa coaching clients, like climbers on Everest, must endure the hardships, put forth the effort, and be subject to the risks involved in reaching their goals. Ultimately, they must reach the summit through their own skill and determination.