Coaching Resources

Why It Matters: The Sherpa Guide to What You Are Looking For

This book will help you to discover Why It Matters – a sentence that is the basis for every action that you take. You will be guided through your life’s story to help form your personal thesis statement, your Why It Matters. If you have ever wondered why something gives you contentment, or fills you with resentment, finding your Why It Matters will help you understand why you do the things you do.

Impact on Business: The Sherpa Guide to Business, Behavior and YOU

The book uses seven stories to illustrate leadership styles that everyone dreads. It highlights that special combination of skill and behavior, the two primary elements in the equation for success. Combined, skills and behavior create an impact on business (IOB). In the world of high performing business organizations, impact on business serves as the strategic value proposition for executive coaching.

Be… Don’t Do; The Sherpa Guide to Coaching for Managers

The book contains everything a leader needs to be self-aware and to guide others through ‘coaching moments’: giving up ownership, asking questions, listening and setting expectations.

The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching

‘The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching` provides the most detailed process in print for executive and leadership coaching. Written in a clear, conversational style, a must have for coaches and trainers alike.