Executive Coaching

Continuing Education & Recertification for Coaches

What are the benefits of recertification?

The benefits of earning and maintaining a Sherpa Executive Coaching certification have a lasting impact on both yourself and your career.

When you remain a part of the movement, you can say a lot more about yourself.

The Sherpa process lets people learn the difficult art of coaching, and gives them the freedom to apply it in their own way. The Sherpa Executive Coaching Certification adds real credibility to a coach’s credentials.

Marshall Goldsmith

World’s Top Executive Coach

Expand upon your career. Make it stronger.

Recertification can have the following impact on your business:


Continue using the Sherpa name and logo to promote your career.

  • As the franchise grows, so does the value of the brand.
  • You’re associated with the best research in the field.
    • 20,000 downloads of our annual market survey each year.
    • Advanced research in leadership and applied neuroscience.
    • People who know about coaching know the Sherpa name.


Advance your career possibilities: CSC’s are eligible to work as a:

  • Certified Skills Trainer (CST)
  • Certified Practicum Instructor (CPI)
  • Certified Sherpa Educator (CSE)


Exclusive access to the world’s best research on coaching.

  • Free custom reports: breakout information from our annual survey, on request.


Stay on board with a movement that will grow in strength for years to come.


Informal support from Sherpa HQ.

  • Want to brainstorm about a plan or a promotion? Call us. We’re here for you.
  • Need a quick bit of advice about a client? Call on our experts.