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About Sherpa Leadership Coaching

To be the best, you work with the best.

Sherpa provides executive leadership one-on-one meetings with a trained facilitator.

Develop leadership and management abilities with a proven process, and you will see rapid gains in meeting your goals.

Leadership Coaching has a number of purposes:

  • Developing up-and-coming leaders
  • Addressing specific challenges
  • Assisting with talent retention

Designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behavior within a fixed time frame.

A proven, process-driven approach. Personal service from leading educators in executive coaching. Experience at the highest levels, in the biggest companies.

This has been an invaluable experience for me. I have learned many things about myself & am armed with new tools to be more effective & happier. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone serious about opening up to become a better leader.


Turning weakness into strength. Building up success.

Here’s why executive coaching services can be so effective:

It’s Lonely At The Top

Today’s leaders are expected to walk in the door and perform. It generates a lot of stress, and isolates leaders from those they are expected to lead. They don’ t have sounding boards.

Sherpa Coaching Deals With Weaknesses

In many personal development processes, you’re asked to focus on your strengths. In fact, your strengths have already gotten you to where you are. Sherpa coaching tackles the things that keep you from getting to the next level.

Coaching Forces Honesty

A coach has the right to ask questions, and the Sherpa process creates the right questions. A Sherpa coach will demand honest, revealing and thoughtful answers. This is the fundamental difference between real executive coaching and sitting around talking

Coaching Can Support Your Succession Plan

New hires, transfers, and promotions: Coaching has moved away from solving problems to become a development tool for rising stars.

How We Work

We provide executive coaching services face-to-face, in person, and through high definition video conferencing.

Programs For Leaders

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Leadership Summit

An intensive program that focuses on optimizing business behavior. This is a "no holds barred" program, designed for C-suite officers, top level executives and their successors.

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Women’s Leadership Summit

A highly interactive course, with personalized attention to executive presence, mindfulness and a long-term commitment for support from Sherpa Coaching.

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