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About Sherpa Team Coaching

Revitalize your organization with Team Coaching from Sherpa.

More than training. More than facilitation. It’s executive coaching applied to group dynamics.

Develop leadership and management abilities with a proven process, and you will see rapid gains in meeting your goals.

Team Coaching clients have seen these results:

  • Improved team cohesiveness, cooperation and effectiveness.
  • Finished multi-million dollar projects on time and under budget.
  • Reduced turnover costs by over a million dollars.

Our coaching process can help you turn 180 degrees in 180 days.

No guesswork. Measured progress. A senior Sherpa coach guides the development of communication, setting expectations and accountability, along with attainment of a specific goal.

Having a team of leaders being trained on how to lead is critical to ensuring that all members of that leader’s team feel heard and engaged. It will ultimately lead to better team dynamics and in the long run, positive growth for the business. I think all leaders should have to do this training.


The process is proven. Results come naturally.

As your group defines and reaches shared goals, you’ll see significant improvement in areas including:

Time Management

Realize an increase in personal productivity.

Employee Management

Sharing “why it matters” and showing true motivation.

Interpersonal Skills

Enhance a team’s ability to connect and earn respect.


Relinquish and reassign control with confidence.

Effective Communication

Clarification and creating feedback.

Goal Setting

Writing measurable, realistic and attainable goals.

Programs For Teams

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Charity Team Building

Charity Team Building programs aim to create a strong and cohesive team building activity, while giving back to your local community.

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Communication and Team Effectiveness (CTE)

Combines training in communication styles with 'on the spot' coaching to create positive changes in business behavior and generate real cooperation.

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Team Leader Assimilation (TLA)

First impressions, created in a controlled and positive environment, get a new leader or a new team off to a running start.

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