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Our certified university graduates provide consistent, process-driven coaching around the world.

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An Evolving Program Curriculum

Sherpa Coaching offers a growing number of programs for executive leadership, teams and coaching development. Sherpa conducts the longest-running market research in coaching with the annually-collected results having a direct impact on the betterment of our program curriculum.

A Personal Service Experience

We offer direct, personal service from the leading university educators in coaching. Experienced at the highest levels, in the biggest companies. We can work with you anywhere in the world from our high-definition video conferencing studios. Our network of 1,500 studios worldwide means you’ll always have convenient access, no matter where you go.

Sherpa Executive Coaching Services

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Leadership Summit

An intensive program that focuses on optimizing business behavior. This is a "no holds barred" program, designed for C-suite officers, top level executives and their successors.

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Women’s Leadership Summit

A highly interactive course, with personalized attention to executive presence, mindfulness and a long-term commitment for support from Sherpa Coaching.

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Charity Team Building

Charity Team Building programs aim to create a strong and cohesive team building activity, while giving back to your local community.

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Communication and Team Effectiveness (CTE)

Combines training in communication styles with 'on the spot' coaching to create positive changes in business behavior and generate real cooperation.

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Team Leader Assimilation (TLA)

First impressions, created in a controlled and positive environment, get a new leader or a new team off to a running start.

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