1:1 Executive Coaching

The Sherpa process for executive coaching is internationally recognized and endorsed by ten major universities.

Work with a global network of coaches, all using the same process, with support and backup from leading educators.

The Sherpa process is about business behavior and performance and produces permanent, positive results in 90 days.

Program Details





Virtual Class

Min/Max Size:



12 (1 hour sessions) + 3 (30 minute Executive Contact sessions, if applicable)



Who Should Attend?

Established leaders and rising stars.

Program Objectives

Executive coaching is about changing business behavior and creating a positive Impact on Business (IOB). Research tells us that coaching can correct weaknesses that hurt a leader’s relationships. In addition, executive coaching is often used to develop rising stars and make sure a succession plan works well. You have both situations in your organization. A Certified Sherpa Coach can produce positive, permanent changes in business behavior in just 90 days.

Program Description

  • Work one-on-one with a certified Sherpa executive coach. A 3-month process to enhance business behavior.
  • Sherpa Coaches are unique: university-trained in the most detailed process in print, refining their skills through continuing education.
  • Through a 12-session experience, an executive contact is in touch with coach and client, monitoring and measuring the fulfillment of clear expectations.
  • The Sherpa process guarantees consistent results in a limited time frame. Sherpas work in person, the way clients want to work, or use HD video conferencing, the latest wave in Executive Coaching.

Delegates Learn

Differentiate between skills, behavior and the relation to Impact on Business. Recognize how you think vs. how others view you. Discover your motivations and triggers from people and things. Formulate expectations with clarity. Demonstrate an understanding between accountability and responsibility. Organize and structure goals that fit your needs. Arrange an action plan to measure for success.

The Benefits

The Sherpa process is not about the coach, personal issues, or small talk. Instead, established leaders and rising stars can benefit from:

  • Self-awareness: Optimizing strengths, managing weaknesses in leadership behavior. Harnessing personal motivation into results.
  • Relating and working with others: Effective communication and listening. Managing emotions and non-productive behavior.
  • Leadership effectiveness: Time management and effective decision making. Personal vision and presence as a leader.
  • Mastering expectations: Setting individuals up for success by communicating clearly and creating clear buy-in, ownership, follow-through, and completion.
  • Accountability: Defining clear roles and accountability, empowering individuals to own roles and responsibilities.

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