Communication and Team Effectiveness (CTE)

A powerful program based on the DiSC assessment for communication styles.

Team Effectiveness combines training in communication styles with on the spot coaching to create positive changes in business behavior and generate real cooperation.

Team Effectiveness focuses on clarity and understanding about communication and what it takes to create an effective team.

The leader gets to set their expectations for team behavior, team dynamics and future performance.

Program Details





Virtual Class

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4 hours

Who Should Attend?

It’s a game-changer for a leadership team.

Program Objectives

Perhaps you have a management team that doesn’t cooperate as well as they could, because they do not communicate at their very best. When a team learns the four basic communication styles, things get better. Much better. This program includes a personal style assessment for each participant. They’ll know their own style, when to temper it and when to adapt to others’ styles. Communication between team members improves. Good things start to happen.

Program Description

  • Based on the classic DiSC assessment.
  • This program is presented by either a leading educator in executive coaching or a hand-picked and certified facilitator.
  • Attendees learn the four basic communication and work styles, how to recognize them, and what each style needs most.
  • Includes a 15-page DiSC assessment for each participant, along with interactive work that drives home a message of inclusiveness.
  • Team members and their leader develop clear action plans for positive behavioral change and cooperation.

Delegates Learn

Differentiate between skills, behavior and the relation to Impact on Business. Recognize communication traits and how to respond and relate to each. Define the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Identify the effectiveness of the team. Determine the path forward to align team and leader communication.

The Benefits

  • After a Team Effectiveness workshop, communication between team members improves.
  • The team is given a gift: they understand themselves and their teammates better.
  • They can operate on a foundation of truth, understanding personal behavior styles, team strengths and weaknesses, and the most important traits for team effectiveness.
  • They will know what the team needs to work on to be more effective.
  • They will have an action plan for the team moving forward.

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