Expert Facilitated Coaching (XFC)

XFC is a proven process that rebuilds a working relationship between a leader and a key subordinate.

Get them on the same page in their understanding of success and how to achieve it.

With a renewed and energetic relationship, performance is enhanced, and accountability becomes a positive force in the workplace.

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Who Should Attend?

Leaders and direct reports facing tension and animosity.

Program Objectives

When two top people don’t work well together, it’s imperative to repair and rebuild the relationship. An expert third-party facilitator can solve one-on-one issues between a leader and a direct report. A Sherpa facilitator brings new ways to deal with situations and mend a working relationship. This allows a leader and a direct report to communicate in a controlled and practical way to solve their differences.

Program Description

  • XFC brings together a leader and a direct report, facilitated by a Sherpa executive coach.
  • Expert Facilitated Coaching brings tension and animosity out for discussion and resolution.
  • The process starts with a comparative DiSC assessment to help identify each participant’s motivations and communication needs.
  • A structured coaching conversation reinforces and clearly defines expectations, circumstances and accountability.
  • A preliminary and follow-up meeting, with several weeks in between.
  • Homework, journaling and exercises fill the time between meetings with constructive activity.

Delegates Learn

Differentiate between skills, behavior and the relation to Impact on Business. State and discuss the true issue. Define common definitions of respect. Identify positive attitudes and behaviors, which heighten the relationship. Prepare measurable action steps that support and create mutual accountability.

The Benefits

  • Don’t leave a leader and a direct report to repair their relationship independently.
  • An expert facilitator brings an atmosphere of professionalism, avoids personal issues and attacks, and adds an unbiased perspective.
  • When a leader and direct report have an honest, open exchange of words, issues are addressed and barriers fall.
  • Both become more effective and create a positive atmosphere for others.

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