Team Leader Assimilation (TLA)

First impressions, created in a controlled and positive environment, get a new leader or a new team off to a running start.

The most critical component for a new team leader is the working relationship. Get it started in the most positive way possible.

The programs include building of specific action plans, with accountability partners firmly in place.

Program Details





Virtual Class

Min/Max Size:



4 hours

Who Should Attend?

Newly promoted or incoming executives.

Program Objectives

Newly promoted or incoming executives must get results quickly. Sherpa’s Team Leader Assimilation helps them do exactly that. Leaders going through this program with their team will be in a better place. They’ll deliver expectations using a fresh new process. Their team will understand and act. Team Leader Assimilation goes straight to the fundamentals of communication style. Then, leader and team come to common terms on values, cooperation, and an action plan for better teamwork. The result? Months’ worth of progress made in a single session. The leader must to be open to the experience, and willing to share on a personal level.

Program Description

  • Prior to the session, the leader and the teamwork through the DiSC assessment. When that is shared, there’s better communication and understanding.
  • Leader and team work separately to arrive at key issues, reconvene to discuss them.
  • We focus on communication needs. What does the team need to do differently when it comes to communication? That question is answered in groups and three main communication issues are chosen.
  • The three communication issues are then divided, and task forces are created to create sustainable action plans and accountability models.

Delegates Learn

Differentiate between skills, behavior and the relation to Impact on Business. Understanding the leader’s communication preferences. Define the team’s communication needs. Formulate individual and team ground rules for communication.

The Benefits

  • Team Leader Assimilation ensures that everyone is heard.
  • Clear expectations are set from the beginning, eliminating guesswork.
  • When a team and its leader reach full potential, efficiency, and productivity soar.
  • This program establishes a firm set of win-win ground rules.
  • The rewards and results are outstanding.

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