Women’s Leadership Summit

Over 80% of companies worldwide see leadership as a major challenge. Yet, fewer than 10% feel they are ready to meet it.

Sherpa Coaching can develop your top women leaders and your rising stars. How? With a Women’s Leadership Summit (WLS) based on the Sherpa Coaching process.

Attendees rated the topics, delivery, instructor’s style, and materials highly: 9.44 and 9.6 on a 1-10 scale. Sherpa’s authors/educators have delivered the program with great success to leaders from all over the globe.

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Virtual Class

Min/Max Size:



3 Days (In Person) 4 Days (Virtual)

Who Should Attend?

Top women leaders and rising stars.

Program Objectives

The Women’s Leadership Summit is highly interactive, with personalized attention to executive presence, mindfulness and a long-term commitment of support from Sherpa Coaching.

Program Description

  • Delegates meet for three consecutive days at a location selected by the sponsoring company.
  • Three days of up-close, personal development allows delegates to master exclusive content that major universities have endorsed.
  • Back at the office, delegates experience six Sherpa Coaching sessions, working with a vibrant, veteran executive coach.

Delegates Learn

Differentiate between skills, behavior and the relation to Impact on Business. Recall your strengths and weaknesses. Recognize the behavior that causes a positive vs. negative impact on business. Discover what it takes to be a coaching leader. Examine the guidelines to asking great questions and setting expectations. Recognize the ten executive presence traits and identify your gap area. Define areas of commitment for an action plan forward.

The Benefits

  • Guided by the leading educators in executive coaching.
  • Master the art of staying true to self while adapting to an ever-changing environment.
  • Learn how to articulate expectations clearly.
  • Embrace the ability to coach themselves and their staff as self-confidence and acceptance soar.

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