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Sherpa Executive Coaching Organizes Charity Team Building Events to Give Back to Community

RockBox, a gym located in Charlotte, North Carolina, donated 30 new bikes to local children during a charity team building event with its franchise gym owners.

Mason, OH: To help ensure company meetings have an impact that goes beyond the walls of the office, Sherpa Executive Coaching has been participating in charity team building events with their clients to not only strengthen their clients’ team dynamics, but also to give back to local communities.

“It’s not just team building; we are quite literally changing lives,” said Amy L. Maybury, Senior Manager of Client Services at Sherpa. “Showing kids that perfect strangers would actually give them a brand-new bike or make sure they have school supplies sparks joy and gives them hope. And teams inevitably bond and grow stronger through an emotional experience that makes them proud to be a part of a company that supports underprivileged children in the local community.”

Sherpa has done numerous types of charity events with their clients, including the bicycle charity activity. Not only is the end result new children’s bikes that can be donated, but Sherpa also makes the event fun and creative for employees. Team members work together to earn additional parts of the bike they are working to assemble. All the bikes are donated to a local charity of the client’s choosing.

Founded in 2004, Sherpa Executive Coaching has trained more than 10,000 leaders and certified more than 600 coaches with its executive coaching program. Sherpa works with clients individually and also offers workshops and training programs designed to refine leadership skills.

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