Never Again Devalue Your Advice with Free Strategy Sessions.

Introducing a new 7 step conversion process that combines marketing, sales and positioning to turbo charge your advice.

NOTE: This is private training for Sherpa coaches to get top tier clients, get paid what you’re worth, and create “interest” deals for passive income.

Here’s what you will discover during this private 60 minute high velocity business intensive:

  • How to create “whale bait” with your advice to open up BIG DEAL conversations quickly.
  • The 4-Track Attention Maximizer Sequence to fast track deal flow.
  • The one tool (that you don’t have) that will instantly flip the sales process.
  • And Glenn’s 16,000 hour eureka moment that opens up multiple target markets for my most expensive programs. (It is so counterintuitive!)

Plus, COMPLIMENTARY access to our Sale-to-Scale: The 7 Step Consultative Process to Sell Premium Priced Programs™ action guide ($199 Value) so you can re-engineer how you present your advice on the fly.

About Glenn Dietzel: With over 19 years in the industry of coaching and consulting, Glenn has been working quietly behind the scenes during the past 8 years assisting clients to grow and scale their coaching and consulting businesses using his proprietary business acceleration systems. His clients and strategic partners have used these principles to produce over $250mil in added profits. If you like speed-to-market you will love the momentum you achieve by doing what others don’t do, can’t do or wouldn’t think of doing. Get ready for a paradigm shift in how you convert conversations into profitable revenue streams.

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