Course Description

This course will examine and elaborate upon the Sherpa process for executive coaching. The class involves 60 hours of class time, spread over two weeklong classes. In addition, students will work for 90 days with a practicum coaching client* (PC) and work with a Certified Practicum Instructor (CPI) as the process unfolds. Peer Coaching (described on the last page) will be an integral part of the Sherpa program and account for 60% of the final class grade.

Course Content

The fundamentals of coaching are covered in-depth, including

  • Definitions: What executive coaching is and needs to become.
  • Communication styles for coach and client.
  • What does it take to be a good coach?
  • Who needs a coach?
  • Why does coaching need a process?
  • The Sherpa Stance: Keeping coaching professional.
  • What questions do I ask while I am coaching? Framing the question.
  • How can I tell if my client is ‘getting it’? How can I tell when my client is finished?

Course Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the difference between executive coaching, therapy/counseling, consulting, and mentoring.
  • Interpret the concept of metacognition as it relates to Why It Matters.
  • Define and explain Impact on Business, the 6 phases, 2 routes, 10 paths, and 33 tools included in the Sherpa coaching process.
  • Collaborate effectively with classmates to practice and examine the process.
  • Understand and demonstrate the ten Characteristics of a Good Coach.
  • Create client-mapping evidence for five program case studies.
  • Manage 12-15 expert facilitated coaching sessions with Practicum Client and Certified Practicum Instructor.
  • Given the decision-making tools, choose the route, path, and tools to guide the practicum client toward their Summit; including action plan.


The Sherpa process involves six phases, with comprehensive exercises, assessments, and activities associated with each phase. The student will learn how to work as a professional coach using this process and understand why the process enables successful executive coaching. Based on the 340-page text, the authors will provide insights into the application of the Sherpa coaching process.

The course will be peppered with examples from the experience of the author / instructors, adding depth to the content of the book. Demonstration assignments will guarantee that students acquire the assured ability to coach in any business environment, with clients at any management level. The student workbooks offer an additional 230 pages designed to support this learning experience. Lastly, throughout the course, students will be completing assignments between the sessions (i.e., homework).

Course Schedule

Virtual Orientation: Monday, October 3, at 6:00 p.m.
Week 1: October 17-21
Week 2: November 14-18

*Practicum Client: PC, a person available and willing to work as a first client with a coach in training following the Sherpa coaching process from beginning to end.

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