Executive Coaching

Why Trust Sherpa Coaching

A Personalized Approach from Experienced Educators

Sherpa Coaching offers direct, personal service from the leading educators in coaching. Experienced at the highest levels, in the biggest companies.

We can work with you anywhere through our worldwide coaching network. You’ll always have convenient access, no matter where you go.

Common Questions About Sherpa Coaching

What is executive coaching?

The Sherpa definition of executive coaching is: A regular, one-on-one meeting with a trained facilitator, designed to produce specific, positive changes in business behavior in a fixed time frame.

Why is coaching a powerful tool for executive development?

It’s the shortest distance between two points: where a person is, and where he wants to be.

Top 10 Facts About Sherpa Coaching

01 The Book

“The Sherpa Guide: Process-Driven Executive Coaching” sets forth exactly how an executive coach “creates permanent change in business behavior in a limited time frame.” In the process, this book defines a new industry.

02 University Partners

The book is the text for high-end executive coach training and certification offered by major universities: more credible and well-recognized sources than any other program, by far.

03 Philosophy

Your strengths have gotten you to where you are. There’s usually a weakness: business behavior that keeps you from the next level. It’s not as easy as building on strengths, but working on weaknesses gets profound results.

04 Training

Every leader can do better at delivering expectations and creating accountability. Appropriate training is built into the Sherpa executive coaching process.

05 Services

Our expert team offers both in-person and virtual coaching services, anywhere in the world. Learn more about our Executive Coaching services.

06 How We Work

Face-to-face meets the client’s needs. Ever since 2005, our global coaching surveys confirm that 96% of coaching clients opt for in-person meetings. We have a worldwide network, so face-to-face can be wherever you are. However, given the current climate we have processes in place to accommodate a virtual setting.

07 Certified Sherpas

In addition to our authors, we can offer the services of trained and Certified Sherpa Coaches (CSC). Our trained coaches are available worldwide and many have Masters degrees. Contact us to learn more.

08 Timeline

Sherpa coaches change business behavior in as little as 90 days. They are uniquely efficient, using a detailed process that spurs success. Clients demand a fixed-length engagement. The Sherpa process guarantees it.

09 Client References

Sherpa provides in-house coach training and certification for Toyota, one of the most quality-conscious companies in the world.

We have trained and coached for Fed Ex, GE, Human Genome Institute, Unilever Thailand, Stanley Black and Decker US, Latin America and Canada, Hershey, L’Oreal, Liz Claiborne, The National Cancer Institute, Duke Energy and others.

Check out other companies from our sample client list.